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  • For parents and children

    You can enjoy learning together

  • Summer camp

    Also for fun

  • Pre University Students and University students

    Since everybody who wants to pass the GCE exam needs to pass an English exam a large number of our student target groups are high-school students.


Who we are

We are a group of Romanian and English people who have seen the benefits of knowing English well, and being able to use it when talking to people from many countries. We enjoy the language and we enjoy teaching it. 

How did we start
we met when working together in Romania and the experienced English teachers suggested that it would be good to work together in what became English4Life; when anyone learns English they can benefit from it for life. More …  Blog-Who-we-are

Why do we do it
English opens doors. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can find people who speak English. So speaking good Englis gives individuals and businesses new opportunities.

How do we do it
we are all more successful when we enjoy what we do, and we know from personal experience that that is also true when we are learning. So English4Life uses approaches that are enjoyable and therefore more successful for all ages than the more traditional methods. We like that.
Our vision
we are all people and enjoy communicating. We all feel more comfortable when we can talk easily with others. English is the language of our global village and the more easily we can talk together the better we will get on. Would you like to come and join us?

Meet the team

Eniko Mihaly, has been teaching English for more than 15 years as a freelance language tutor. She is fluent in three languages and has taught a lot of people, from children of 5 years of age to adults, in one-to-one lessons, and small groups. Some of them have taken the Cambridge EFL exams, some are now working in the UK or other EU countries and Eniko has caused some of them love the language enough to pursue it much further and make it their career. 

Chris has experience in many sectors and long and current experience of international businesses in Europe and elsewhere and is a strong partner for us.  He offers both English language teaching partners in the UK for English4Life and English4Business, and with a network of experienced colleagues provides the opportunity for business advice for our clients in Business4Business.

Julie Marie Bouillé a young American, qualified EFL for young learners teacher. She has had an experience of more than 15 years in teaching English as a second language in Kindergartens, to school students and adults. She is a native English speaker, currently living in France, who has taught English in several countries in different parts of the world, in the Middle East and Europe. Now she delivers skype lessons for us.


Businesses have different needs and much to gain from individual employees, or teams of employees who wish to improve their English. Businesses can profit directly from having better English speakers in the company, ...


Language and Law Courses

We offer enjoyable and very focused teaching courses in England, in English Language and English Law, which benefit from being in the country, and therefore hearing English spoken all the time. This has the added advanta...



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“English4Life have close links in England, in the academic world and business, we also work with a number of English educational establishments delivering English courses:
We have a partner organisation in Law in Britain which arranges English and Law courses in England for overseas lawyers and students.
English4Life use teaching methods developed jointly by Oxford University and Harvard University, and employ Oxford University teaching materials. We also offer short summer courses hosted within the colleges of Oxford University.
We train students and adults for the Cambridge English Exams and offer short courses for students and adults, arranged for groups of students, hosted within the colleges of Cambridge University.

Our colleagues work with London University and have close links with Kings College, London.  English courses can be arranged at other English educational establishments if students have particular requests.”

What our students say

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