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Gaining Qualifications in English:

  • get an English certificate or diploma 
  • sometimes a little English is enough
  • usually fluency is needed
  • gaining a qualification is wise
  • we prepare students for EFL exams

'Speaking only one language is the illiteracy of the 21st century' - say experts.

There are many cases when being able to only speak English a little is enough, but there are a lot of cases/places/occasions when we are asked to prove our skills in English and then we need real skill and often a certificate/diploma to do so.

Gaining a qualification in English language has become an imperative for almost everybody.  We need or are asked to have a certificate whether we want to skip the English GCE exam, enter university, get a degree after studying at university, apply for a (better) job, or want to advance in our current job or gain a promotion/etc. 

We have been successfully preparing students for different exam levels from GCE to Cambridge and  ECL exams. Our more advanced students have successfully passed the Cambridge FCE exams, some are now studying or working in the UK or other EU countries.

Right now we are in the process of becoming an exam centre ourselves where we will provide an English Language Certificate :

  • to our own students 
  • or to those who have already learnt English and need (?) to get a certificate from us, 
  • or want to assess their knowledge as to decide which exam level of one of the international exam centres to take.