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Since everybody who wants to pass the GCE exam needs to pass an English exam a large number of our student target groups are high-school students. We consider that you as young adults need a different method of learning English than students/pupils of younger age. 

If you realise the advantages of mastering this wonderful language, you will really want to learn it, not because the exam is approaching, but because 

  • of the almost endless opportunities it opens to you
  • you want to be able to communicate
  • because your friends do
  • you want to better understand how our global village is working and your role in it
  • or to travel abroad more confidently
  • to understand your favourite song's lyrics
  • to understand Internet articles in/concerning/about your favourite subjects
  • to be able to better communicate on FB
  • And then learning will become a joy, as opposed to work for the next lesson or exam. 
  • And last but not least because it will open doors to you: 
  • to enter and study at better universities in or outside of the country 
  • to better-paying jobs, or the world of business. 

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