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6. Listening to songs is a really great way to improve our students' pronunciation and grammar. They are also likely to learn and remember new vocabulary and idioms.


   Pronunciation: Listening to (or singing) English songs will help students to learn how to pronounce English words correctly and will also help to reduce their accent. They will learn more about the rhythm of sentences and how to link words together when they speak.


   Vocabulary: Listening to music will help students to learn more vocabulary quickly. They are also more likely to remember new words and English expressions if they listen to them in a song than if they read them or learn them in English class.


   Grammar: Grammar doesn't have to be taught and learnt in a very structured way but listening to music will help students to remember grammar patterns and learn how to use grammar correctly in everyday conversation.


   Atmosphere: Listening to music creates a good atmosphere in the classroom and increases the motivation. Students relate to songs and find learning through songs interesting and amusing rather than tedious.