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The English Club

  • you can receive a regular Newsletter
  • weblinks to English websites
  • why join? 
  • to improve your English 
  • become a full member

The English Club is an introduction to the English way of life

an opportunity to discuss “all things English”, in English. It is a window on the language and life of the country. We offer a regular Newsletter which highlights recent events and focuses upon different areas of English life for your interest, it's there is you want it, on line 24 hours a day.

Whether you are interested in sports, games, shopping, art, culture, business or tourism, there are articles and weblinks that can take you to English speaking websites, where you can become familiar with the language in your own time, at your own pace, reading about things that interest you.

You can:

  • buy articles to help you with your language practice, 
  • have access to video conversations to help with your pronunciation,
  • take part in a blog, 
  • simply read the language, with topical articles about England,
  • or buy English items from English suppliers.

Why join? To improve your English 
If you join the English club, you become a member and can choose your level of membership to give you the service you seek:

  • Newsletter Reader or 
  • Full membership 

That way you can choose the approach that suits you best.

Newsletter Readers:
This is a free service, in which you receive a Newsletter every month which highlights the events of the moment and gives you insight into life in England, and provides you with interesting material for you to practice reading English.  

Full membership:
When you join, you, of course, receive the Newsletter, but also have access to the other rooms of the Club on the website. These allow you to explore wider aspects of life in England.

In addition you can access some video recordings in the Language Shop that are not available to non members, so you have extra opportunities for practice and you receive a discount on all materials that you buy from the Language Shop.